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"As the originators of the EightStar website , I wanted to tell you that it has been one hell of a hell of a hellofa success, thanks to you."

Your Old Friend Richard       EightStar Diamonds        


Website form must follow function. If it's not easy to use, it won't be used.

A lot of people think computers are hard to use.
For a lot of people, computers are hard to use.

A website is supposed to give you a return on your investment through:

  • Direct Sales.
  • Reducing overhead costs such as communications, mailing, and customer service.
  • Improving business efficiency.
  • A working combination of all the above factors.

A website is like a storefront in that its success is dependent on how it is managed and run unless:

  • You are the cheapest place to get the widget.
  • You are the only place to get the widget.
  • Value added to the product through service or other factors allows you to compete with the aforementioned factors.

You have less time than it takes to read this sentence, to give a website visitor reason to stay on your site.

Before you decide to build some exotic and usually expensive web feature, make sure your potential customers will be able to view it.

If there are data intensive features on your site, let the viewer choose to hear, see or experience them. Don't force it on them.

Most users do not change their default browser settings, download and install plugins, update software or protect their systems from viruses.


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