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"I just ordered several items from your web site. This is, of itself, not unusual. But, I'm blind. Any number of commercial sites are not friendly to the text to speech software we must use to access the web. Your site is a model of good access. I was able to find the Oxo items I wanted quickly and navigate the shopping cart easily. My thanks for a good site that is blind friendly. I will be telling other blind friends who enjoy cooking about your easily accessable site."

Dan Graham , Customer TotalLiving        


In 1995, when the Internet as we know it was in its infancy, we built our first E-commerce site. It was a catalog of specialty food items and consisted of a simple form that was transmitted via email... yes, email! Absolutely zero security. At the time security wasn’t even in our vocabulary

Since then, the internet and e-commerce has evolved into an über-techno/security environment and we have evolved right along with it. Beyond the typical merchandise catalog, we have clients using E-commerce for such things as continuing education, accepting credit card payments from service customers, taking donations, and even selling theater tickets.

Whether you are a start-up and manage only a few transactions a month or a corporate entity with large ever-changing inventory and sales, we will guide you through your options and all of the Internet security requirements. Our shopping cart can handle multiple payment methods including realtime processing and PayPal integration. It incorporates UPS and FedEx and allows for product databases, among may other options. It offers full reporting of sales, email addresses for registered buyers and promotional discounts.

Let us help you from the start. We can assist you with your merchant accounts, gateway processors, secure certificates, and anything else related to e-commerce. It's what we do best!

Below is an example of a catalog product navigation page.


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